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Family Reading Time

Our Family Reading Time event is a bimonthly event under our Academic Achievers Program that brings families together for a night of fun. They enjoy reading together, eating good food, partaking in some exciting activities, and have the chance to win some great gifts. The best part is that the first 20 families to register and attend the event, go home with a copy of that night's book.
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Multicultural and Language Fest

Step into a world of vibrant diversity and linguistic wonders at the Multicultural and Language Fest hosted by ReDefiners in Tampa! Experience the beauty of different cultures, languages, and traditions coming together in a celebration of unity and understanding. Join us for a day filled with enriching experiences, exciting performances, and the joy of learning from each other. Let's embrace our differences and celebrate the unique voices that make our community so special!
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Black Heritage Expo

The Black Heritage Expo is an event to celebrate our roots, culture and rich history. Enjoy amazing music, dancers, vendors, contests and much more! Get ready for excellent performing arts programs in the Tampa Area and win great prizes and gifts through an incredible raffle!

Come enjoy a full experience of our American history at tour Annual Black Heritage Expo!

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