Adult English Classes

Communicating in another language is hard! These workshops are designed to help non-English speakers learn the tools needed to successfully immerse in their communities and American culture.
By the end of each workshop, you will learn commonly-used expressions and vocabulary to confidently communicate in everyday life.

Program Information


Only available to parents / caregivers in Hillsborough County

Open to native and non-native speakers.


Classes are free!

All class materials are provided by ReDefiners


Class meets twice per week for twelve weeks

Each class meets for one hour

Check the calendar below for more class information

Program Information


Only available to parents / caregivers in Hillsborough County

Open to native and non-native speakers.


Classes are free!!

All class materials are provided by ReDefiners


Class meets twice per week for twelve weeks

Each class meets for one hour

Check the calendar below for more class information

Basic Living Workshop

Our Basic Living course teaching fundamental English skills and commonly used phrases to help build communication confidence. The class covers three main topics related to basic living:

waving_handIntroducing yourself – learn how to start a conversation, state your name, and describe yourself, ask for directions

shopping_cartShopping/ Restaurant – roleplay common interactions in the community such as shopping, going to a restaurant and ordering food, learn vocabulary for these interactions.

psychology_altPracticing conversational English – learn how to use the present tense and combine it with other tenses, practice speaking on the phone.  

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Health & Safety Workshop

The class involves the use of real-life materials such as intake forms and permission slips to increase confidence in real world interactions. The class covers three main topics related to health and safety:

local_hospitalHealth and Wellness – identify and discuss feelings and symptoms, how to book appointments with doctors, and other related topics to healthcare

schoolEducation – includes an overview of the American school system, whom to contact in schools, strategies for resolving school-related issues, and other educational opportunities for children

emergencyEmergency Preparedness - covering topics such as how to call 911, communicating with the police, requesting first aid, and natural disaster readiness

Work & Money Workshop

This class covers three topics related to employment and personal finances:

work_outlineJob Readiness – learn working vocabulary, prepare for a job interview, write a resume

currency_exchangeBudgeting – roleplay common interactions related to business, such as going to the bank or having a job interview. Learn how to make a budget.

request_quoteTaxes - delve into the intricacies of taxes: master the art of preparing and filing your taxes with confidence

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I bring a wealth of educational experience both in the US and abroad, having served as a dedicated Peace Corps volunteer. My deep passion revolves around teaching, learning, and utilizing technology to enhance students' educational journeys. In addition to my role as an educator, I assume various roles as a mentor, editor, presenter, writer, and researcher. Join me in this expansive domain of education, where innovation and commitment can craft enriching learning experiences for all.


Christy Williams

English Teacher | ReDefiners

I'm an English Instructor currently residing in Florida. My journey includes a Master's in Education with a focus on TESOL from the University of South Florida, complemented by a bachelor's in Written Journalism from Palestine. For me, language instruction is not just a career; it's a passion and a joyful endeavor with learners of all ages. Outside of teaching, I indulge in morning walks, writing, and photography during my free time. Join me in the dynamic world of language and learning.


Aamaal Hallum

English Teacher | ReDefiners

USF graduate with dual degrees in International Studies and Applied Linguistics. I've been teaching ESL for 2 years, online and in-person, including abroad in South Korea. Passionate about languages, I speak intermediate Spanish and A1 levels in Italian, Polish, and Korean. Beyond teaching, I delve into history and indulge in a love for theater and music. Join me on a journey of language, culture, and the arts.


Kaitlyn Forster

English Teacher | ReDefiners

For nearly a decade, I've been deeply involved in ESOL, with most of my experience gained in Moscow, Russia. When not teaching, you'll often find me on the tennis court, engrossed in a game of poker, or exploring the strategic world of chess. Family-wise, I'm blessed with two children and a loving wife, and I couldn't be happier living in sunny Tampa.

Scott Matejka

English Teacher | ReDefiners

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ReDefiner’s offers in-person classes at 8 locations throughout the Hillsborough County. Check the map below to find a language center near you. Students may enroll at any location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An exposure class is a short cycle learning experience. The objective of this program is to expose participants to new cultures, introduce them to basic communication skills in a foreign language and prepare participants to be global citizens.

Classes are FREE! Students must live in Hillsborough County and verify residency within the County on the first day of class.
Students are also required to register with the Children’s board of Hillsborough County in order to attend classes. This is done in person, the first day of class.


This is a comprehensive in-person education course aimed at developing skills critical to today's workforce and enhancing opportunities to foster and develop social skills within respective communities throughout Tampa, FL.

No, unfortunately students can only participate once in every course. You can enroll in any of the other free courses available if you qualify to the requirements. 

If you want to keep studying the same language, we now offer customizable online courses. These classes are usually offered by the same teachers, so you can keep enjoying your language journey. 
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Funding for services generously provided by the Children's Board of Hillsborough County